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If the site is unattended, the driver will safely unload goods as close to the site as possible. Frameless Glass Pool Fencing (FGPF) will not accept any claims for damage to the product when unloading or claims for shortage, loss or damage of part or all of the delivery. No responsibility will be taken for relocating the goods. The Proof of Delivery will be signed by the driver and a photograph taken of the unloaded product.

Specific time drops are available for an additional charge of $120.

Where delivery is attempted but not completed for any reason, a re-delivery charge will apply that is equal to or greater than the original delivery charge.

Unloading of goods shall be the customer’s responsibility. FGPF will not be responsible for any damage resulting from the unloading of goods by the customer or anyone on its behalf or by FGPF’s employees or agents. Where goods are delivered to a particular site, the goods will be entirely at the customer’s risk when delivered. If the site is unattended, goods will be unloaded on the site or if the site is not accessible as close to the site as safe and practicable. The delivery docket /manifest signed by the cartage contractor or the driver of FGPF that the goods were delivered accordingly shall be conclusive evidence of the delivery of goods. FGPF, if requested to enter a property, accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by FGPF or its employees or agents to the property and goods lying on that property.

It is advisable to store all goods neatly clear of the ground, protected with waterproof covers. If the product becomes wet or exposed to direct sun whilst packaged, then separate, wipe and stack in a dry, covered place.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the site is accessible. Unloading at the site is the responsibility of the customer. FGPF will not be responsible for any damage resulting from the unloading of goods by the Customer or anyone on it’s behalf or by FGPF employees or its agents.
Drivers will not drive delivery vehicles or crane material where it is unsafe to do so ie near power lines, over fences etc.

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