Standard Glass Pool Fence Panels  Gates and Hinge Panels

Toughened Grade A Safety Glass

At Frameless Glass Pool Fencing, we value quality and safe products. Hence, at our online store, we offer a range of glass materials that are toughened grade A Safety Glass that have been approved by Australian Standards. Furthermore, all of our glass is a 12mm thickness and has rounded corners, ensuring that you, your family and friends, do not get scratched by your pool fence. Also, rounded corners and the glass thickness minimises the chance of breakages, ensuring the longevity of your product.

Gates and Hinge Panels

Our online DIY store has an extensive range of gates and hinge panels. We offer two different types of gates and hinge panels, those being the polaris slow closing gate and the standard spring loaded gate. Both gates meet Australian safety standards, however the standard gates are 8mm whereas the Polaris Gate is 12mm in width. To have a chat about which gate would suit your pool area, don’t hesitate to send us an email! Also if you choose to implement a polaris slow gate, which does not slam when the gate is closed, you will need to install a polaris hinge panel. Check it out at our online store today!

Standard Glass Pool Fence Panels

Our Standard Glass Pool Fence Panels come in a variety of lengths, in fact they are stocked in 50mm increments from 100mm to 2000mm, perfect for the dimensions of any pool. However, we only offer 12mm thick panels as we believe they are strong and sturdy. Consequently, our standard glass panels can also be used as gate latch panels, meaning that your fence can look sleek and classy. At Frameless Glass Pool Fencing, we also offer Raked Retaining Wall Panels, meaning that your pool fence does not have to ruin features in your backyard. As pool fencing experts, we recommend using 3 spigots per panel for panels higher than 1500mm.

Keen to begin your DIY Journey?

If you are keen to construct your new glass pool fence, then look no further than our online store! we stock a range of products and are specially able to cater for your customised needs. Furthermore, if you are unsure about what products can turn your pool fence into a masterpiece, send us an email and see how we can assist you!