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Metro Area Deliveries

Metro Area Delivery Service:

When you choose Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Pty Ltd for your DIY glass pool fence project, you’re opting for a delivery service that is fast, reliable, and tailored to your convenience. Here’s what you can expect from our Metro Area Delivery Service:

Swift and Scheduled Delivery: After your invoice is confirmed and payment is processed, our logistics team gets to work. With a delivery window of 1-7 working days, we ensure that your fencing arrives promptly. Our fleet is fully equipped with hiab cranes to facilitate a smooth kerbside delivery at your specified address.

Planned to Perfection: We’re all about details. As your order is prepared, we plan the logistics down to the last kilometre, ensuring you’re informed well in advance of the scheduled delivery date. You’ll know exactly what day to expect your goods, so you can plan your project timeline without any surprises.

Kerbside Convenience: Our kerbside delivery policy is designed with your property in mind. By delivering directly to the kerb, we eliminate the risk of damage to your driveway from heavy trucks or hydraulic oil leaks. This method also removes the need for you to be present during delivery, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

Cost effective Solutions: Efficiency is key in our delivery process. By using hiab cranes for unloading, we cut down on labor intensive work, leading to reduced costs. These savings are then extended to you, ensuring that you get not only the best service but also the best value.

With Frameless Glass Pool Fencing, your glass pool fencing is in good hands. We deliver with care, respecting your time and property, while also keeping an eye on cost efficiency. Trust us to bring your fencing to you safely and without hassle.

Metro delivery locations:

-With an expansive network of 16 warehouses across Australia, Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Pty Ltd offers an unparalleled metro delivery service. Our coverage is extensive, servicing over 70% of the nation’s population. Our commitment to convenience and accessibility means that high quality glass pool fencing is just a delivery away for most Australians.
-Our metro delivery areas have been strategically chosen to ensure that we can reach as many customers as possible with efficiency and reliability. Whether you’re renovating in the bustling streets of Sydney or refreshing your backyard oasis in the suburbs of Perth, chances are, we can deliver directly to your door with our own trucks.
-Check Your Delivery Eligibility: Unsure if you fall within our metro delivery zones? It’s easy to find out. Simply enter your address into our Easy to use calculator tool, and in moments, you’ll know if you’re within our metro delivery area and the shipping costs associated.

Metro Delivery Cost

At Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Pty Ltd, we’re dedicated to providing you with top tier delivery services at straightforward, transparent prices. Our delivery costs are designed to offer you the best value, ensuring that your glass pool fencing arrives safely and affordably.

Competitive Base Rate
Our metro delivery fees start at an accessible $135, ensuring that your fencing needs are met without stretching your budget. This base rate applies to locations in close proximity to our warehouses, making professional delivery services more affordable than ever.

Tailored Delivery Costs
For those a bit further afield, delivery prices are capped at $200, covering areas 1 to 1.5 hours from our warehouse locations. This tiered pricing structure reflects our commitment to fair and transparent billing, based on the distance we need to travel to bring our products directly to you.

Precise Cost Calculations
To discover the exact cost for your specific delivery needs, utilise our Delivery Calculator Tool. By entering your address details, you’ll receive an instant quote that accurately represents the delivery charge based on your location’s proximity to our warehouses.

Opt for Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Pty Ltd, where affordability meets quality service. Our delivery pricing is just another way we ensure customer satisfaction from the first step of your project to the last.

Delivery timing

At Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Pty Ltd, we’re committed to delivering your glass pool fencing promptly. Our standard delivery timeframe for metro areas is 1-7 weekdays from the date of order confirmation. We work diligently to ensure your fencing arrives within this period, so you can proceed with your project without delay.

Packaging of Metro Delivery:

At Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Pty Ltd, we ensure that every panel of your glass pool fencing is securely and appropriately packaged for delivery. We start by fitting each glass panel with protective plastic corner caps, safeguarding the most vulnerable parts during transit. To further shield the panels from potential damage, a layer of foam wrap is added, offering a cushion against impacts and scratches.

The protection doesn’t end there. Each panel is then enclosed in its own cardboard box, adding an extra layer of security and making handling and transportation more manageable. Carefully, these boxed panels are laid flat and stacked on a timber pallet, forming a stable and secure base for the journey ahead.

The final step in our meticulous packaging process involves strapping the panels firmly to the pallet. This ensures that they remain immovable and well-protected, ready for the smooth unloading process by our hiab crane upon arrival at your location. With Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Pty Ltd, you can trust that from our warehouse to your doorstep, your fencing is packaged with the utmost care and precision.


If the site is unattended, the driver will safely unload goods as close to the site as possible. Frameless Glass Pool Fencing (FGPF) will not accept any claims for damage to the product when unloading or claims for shortage, loss or damage of part or all of the delivery. No responsibility will be taken for relocating the goods. The Proof of Delivery will be signed by the driver and a photograph taken of the unloaded product.

Specific time drops are available for an additional charge of $120.

Where delivery is attempted but not completed for any reason, a re-delivery charge will apply that is equal to or greater than the original delivery charge.

Unloading of goods shall be the customer’s responsibility. FGPF will not be responsible for any damage resulting from the unloading of goods by the customer or anyone on its behalf or by FGPF’s employees or agents. Where goods are delivered to a particular site, the goods will be entirely at the customer’s risk when delivered. If the site is unattended, goods will be unloaded on the site or if the site is not accessible as close to the site as safe and practicable. The delivery docket /manifest signed by the cartage contractor or the driver of FGPF that the goods were delivered accordingly shall be conclusive evidence of the delivery of goods. FGPF, if requested to enter a property, accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by FGPF or its employees or agents to the property and goods lying on that property.

It is advisable to store all goods neatly clear of the ground, protected with waterproof covers. If the product becomes wet or exposed to direct sun whilst packaged, then separate, wipe and stack in a dry, covered place.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the site is accessible. Unloading at the site is the responsibility of the customer. FGPF will not be responsible for any damage resulting from the unloading of goods by the Customer or anyone on it’s behalf or by FGPF employees or its agents.
Drivers will not drive delivery vehicles or crane material where it is unsafe to do so ie near power lines, over fences etc.

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