Most people start their glass pool fence project by wondering about the cost of glass pool fencing. We know that price matters to our customers and affordable glass pool fencing is often top of the list when starting to browse products and prices. In this post we’ll look at the cost of frameless glass pool fencing in more detail, so you can plan your project and budget accordingly.

DIY Glass Pool Fencing Prices

Let’s start with the question everyone wants to know – how much does glass pool fencing cost? The good news is that glass pool fencing is more affordable than you might think. Of course, your overall pool fencing cost will vary depending on the requirements of your individual project, but the below is a guide.

  • Standard glass pool fence panels starting at $20.00
  • Standard gate starting at $71.40
  • Polaris hinge panels starting at $79.20
  • Polaris slow closing gate starting at $98.88
  • Raked retaining wall panels starting at $155.14

Use our glass pool fencing calculator to get an accurate cost estimate for your project or view prices for all different sizes of panel in our frameless glass pool fencing online shop.

Pool Fencing Prices: Other Factors To Consider

Of course, pool fencing prices are not the only consideration. Your pool fencing project will incur other costs and it’s always a good idea to budget for unexpected hindrances and delays. Some factors to consider include:

  • The cost of removing old balustrades or fencing
  • Which local pool fencing company will install your fencing (low-cost companies often cut corners and generally charge between $80 and $120 per metre, so you can save money by DIY glass pool fencing!)
  • The timing of your glass pool fence installation (average installation only takes one day)

Got a question? Talk to Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Australia wide.

Cheap Glass Pool Fencing

Can cheap glass fencing also be high-quality? Yes. If you choose Frameless Glass Pool Fencing, you can be confident of receiving quality glass pool fence panels at affordable prices. All our glass pool fence panels and gates exceed Australian standards, featuring 12mm thick toughened glass with radius corners.

We also stock frameless glass pool fencing spigots made from the high-grade stainless steel. View our full range of frameless glass pool fencing panels and accessories in our online shop. Shipping is available to all major cities in Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any question about our products or delivery.

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